Experience an elevated level of competition, while still keeping the fun, in our revamped fall tournament season. With a renewed focus on development, we've created an enriching environment that pushes athletes to reach their full potential while enjoying the exhilaration of the game.

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Dear Coaches and Parents,

We extend a warm welcome to you as part of the 24 Sports community, where our philosophy revolves around letting the kids play. It is with a sense of responsibility and determination that we aim to make every decision, policy, or rule in favor of allowing kids to fully engage in the game, while simultaneously challenging coaches and parents to prioritize their players' development and well-being above all else.

We firmly believe that genuine growth occurs when children face the challenges presented by healthy competition. Our conviction lies in the belief that kids possess a natural ability to compete, with minimal interference from adult tactics, strategies, or conflicts. Thus, all policies and rules established by 24 Sports serve as a guide to regulate and manage the competition, ensuring a fair and conducive environment for all.

We kindly request and expect that all children participating in 24 Sports events are accompanied by adults who share and align with this philosophy. It is imperative that the conduct of all adults involved resonates with our core principles, placing the focus on the holistic development of the players and maintaining a positive atmosphere throughout.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in fostering an environment where kids can thrive, learn, and enjoy the beautiful game of youth sports. Together, let us create lasting memories and valuable experiences that will positively shape the lives of our young athletes.

Thank you for your commitment and support.


The 24 Sports Team



24 Sports follows NFHS (National Federation High School Baseball Rules) except where explicitly noted.

24 Sports staff reserves the right to amend any rules, as necessary, at their discretion and with the sole aim of benefiting the participants in that specific event. Rest assured that any modifications will be made with careful consideration and in the best interest of everyone involved.