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We're passionate about creating transformative experiences for young athletes. Through our tournaments, events, and resources, we aim to foster growth, build character, and instill a love for the game that extends beyond the field. But who are we behind the scenes?


24 Sports was founded in the Fall of 2021 by L'Erin Hampton and his wife Joy who, by drawing from their own experiences in travel ball,Ā embarked on a mission to create the kind of meaningful and memorable experiences they wished they had as coaches and parents.

Like many others their journey started out in rec ball. They quickly found themselves deeply involved, serving on boards and immersing themselves in the world of travel ball. They've had their fair share of exciting wins, tough losses, and even team drama.Ā 

Now, through 24 Sports, they're stepping onto the field with a fresh perspective. They're not just organizing tournaments; they're creating unforgettable experiences with a commitment to growth, development, and endless fun.


At 24 Sports, we're all about taking youth sports to the next level. We understand that youth sports is more than competition. We've seen the incredible growth and evolution of kids in youth sports, and we believe they deserve a platform that unleashes their full potential.

Sports can teach us valuable life lessons in both victory and defeat. Organizing tournaments has given us a different perspective. We've witnessed the power of teamwork, the resilience that comes from facing challenges, the discipline it takes to excel, and the leadership skills that develop on and off the field. But it doesn't stop there.

Participating in sports creates a special bond among players and families, forging lifelong friendships and building a strong sense of community. These values go beyond the game and shape the character of young athletes, instilling in them integrity, perseverance, and the mindset to embrace every opportunity that comes their way.

Our mission is to create endless opportunities for kids, parents, and coaches to experience the transformative power of sports. We want to inspire a shift in mindset, fostering a generation of athletes who not only achieve greatness in their chosen sport but also carry the lessons learned on the field into every aspect of their lives.


  1. Let the Kids Play: At 24 Sports, we firmly believe that the youth sports experience should be centered around the kids. We understand that adults can sometimes get in the way, leading with their own agendas or desires for success. We emphasize the importance of letting things happen as they happen and allowing the kids to learn important lessons through their own journey in sports.
  2. Growth Mindset: We promote a growth mindset not only for the young athletes but also for the adults involved. We believe that sports offer valuable opportunities for personal and collective growth, both on and off the field. We encourage athletes, coaches, and parents to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and continuously strive for improvement.
  3. Purpose: Everything we do at 24 Sports has a purpose. We recognize the importance of establishing a clear purpose in sports, whether it's personal growth, skill development, building character, or fostering teamwork. By understanding and embracing our purpose, we can maximize the impact and meaning of every sports experience.
  4. Fun: We believe that sports should be fun, first and foremost, especially for kids. We strive to create an environment where joy, enthusiasm, and a love for the game thrive, ensuring that every player experiences the sheer delight of playing sports and creates lifelong memories filled with laughter and excitement.

  5. Community: We value the sense of community that sports creates. We recognize that sports has the power to bring people together, fostering connections, and forming lasting relationships. We actively contribute to building a positive and supportive community where players, coaches, and families can come together, share their passion for the game, and support one another.


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